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Create Your Own
Online Tests

Do your employees know what they're supposed to know? With ReallyEasyHR, it's easy to find out. In just a couple of minutes, you can create an online test on any topic you choose. The test will be automatically graded (with a pass/fail score you establish) and the results will be stored online so you can see them (and run reports) at any time.

Create and Publish
Custom Online Tests

The test creation capability of ReallyEasyHR is incredibly robust (and amazingly simple to use). For example:

Add a Test Question
  • Your test can have as many questions as you wish
  • You set the number of correct answers required to pass
  • Tests are automatically graded – scores are returned immediately
  • Questions can be presented in the same order or random order
  • You choose to be notified (or not) when someone completes a test
  • All questions from all tests are stored in an online database
  • A wide variety of standard and custom reports are available

When you create your own online tests with ReallyEasyHR, you can know if they know.

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