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Instant Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is the centerpiece of an effective HR program. The employee handbook explains your company's policies and procedures and communicates your expectations to employees. A good handbook also helps to protect your company in the event of a dispute. If your company doesn't have a handbook, it would be a good idea to get one. Fast.

A Complete Employee Handbook in Less Than 5 Minutes

If your company doesn't have an employee handbook you can use our Instant Handbook feature to get yourself up and running quickly. When you choose Instant Handbook, you'll be asked to answer a few simple questions about the way your company works. Then, ReallyEasyHR will automatically build a complete employee handbook with lawyer-written policies (view list) customized specifically for your company.

Handbook Creator

The Instant Handbook contains the basic policies (view list) appropriate for most small companies (fewer than 50 employees). You can use the Instant Handbook as is, revise any part of it, or copy and paste content from other documents directly into it. It even includes a clickable table of contents allowing your employees to jump immediately to any section.

With the Instant Handbook you can publish your employee handbook in less than five minutes, but if you have any questions or if you'd just like for us to walk you through the process, give us a call – we'll be happy to help.

Build Your Own Handbook

Handbook Import Options

Already have a company handbook? Great! ReallyEasyHR can use the content from your existing handbook as well. With our custom document creation tools you can quickly import from an existing electronic format such as Microsoft Word or PDF. Of course, you can also type your handbook directly into ReallyEasyHR if that's what you prefer. You can learn more about creation of custom documents, including handbooks, on our documents page.

A Record of Employee Acceptance is Critical – We Make it Easy

Handbook Reports

An employee handbook is of limited value unless your employees read it – and you can prove they read it. With ReallyEasyHR, employees use digital signatures to certify that they have read the handbook and that they accept all of your policies and procedures. This certification is stored in your secure ReallyEasyHR database and is available to you online 24/7. No more file cabinets, no more paper mess. Like everything else about ReallyEasyHR, storing handbook acknowledgements is really easy.

And If You'd Like to Make it Even Easier...

Contact us and we'll build your handbook while you watch AND answer any questions you might have.

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