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Storage for
Files & Forms

Every business has an ever-growing stack of files and forms required to operate the business. Often, just finding the file or form you need takes way more time than it should.

ReallyEasyHR can help by storing all the files and forms you need in one convenient, easy-to-access online location.

It's Like a Giant Online File Cabinet

Health insurance applications, job descriptions, employment applications, W-4s, I-9s – the list goes on and on. With ReallyEasyHR you can make all of your forms and files immediately available to anyone who needs them.

File Types

And it's not just text documents. You can store and access most any kind of file: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, even audio and video.

Easily Track File Downloads

Having all of your files in one place is great, but how do you know if someone actually viewed the file you asked them to view?

Files Reports

ReallyEasyHR makes it easy to know who saw what by tracking every download of every file in your system and then presenting you with a variety of reports displaying that information. You can see what's been downloaded and what hasn't, who did what, and when they did it. It's all stored in a secure online database so you can forget about having to constantly remind your people to fill out a certain form or view a certain file. It couldn't be any easier or more convenient.

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