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Document Creation & Management

ReallyEasyHR might just be the easiest, most convenient method for creating and managing official company documents.

Whether it's a company policy or procedure, a comprehensive employee handbook, an important memo you want to make sure that everyone reads, or a mandatory notification – business owners need to create, organize and administer a growing variety of documents. That can be a daunting task, but ReallyEasyHR makes it easy!

Simple Document Creation

There are several ways to create a document in ReallyEasyHR.

Use an Existing Document

Document Import

If you already have existing company documents in electronic format such as Microsoft Word or PDF you can import them into ReallyEasyHR with a simple copy and paste. Our document creator even has a "paste from Word" feature to help insure that your document will look the same on the web as it does on paper.

Create a New Document

Document Creator

Use our document creation tools to type the text of your document directly into ReallyEasyHR. With our document creation tools you can edit text, add colors and formatting, build interactive table of contents within your document and even link to files anywhere on the web for viewing or download.

Use a Document Template

Document Templates

Finally, ReallyEasyHR offers several templates to help you create the most common types of documents a business needs. Select one of our pre-written templates and we'll create a new document for you, complete with your company name already inserted. Then edit the template any way you like and save the document. It's that easy!

Painless Document Management and Reporting

It's one thing to create the documents your company needs, but how do you make sure your employees have read and signed them? Whether it's a mandatory notification or a company rule your employees must agree to, ReallyEasyHR gives you a simple way to present information and record employee acknowledgement and acceptance. That can be invaluable if a dispute arises.

Document Reports

Once you've created your documents, your employees can quickly and easily login and read the documents you want them to read. Employees then sign the documents using a simple and effective "digital signature" system. This system stores a record of the signature, including the date and time of the signature.

At any time, you can login as administrator to run a variety of reports. You can see what's been signed and what hasn't. All of your company and employee information is stored in a secure online database so you can forget about losing the information or putting something in the wrong file. It couldn't be any easier or more convenient.

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