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As laws and regulations proliferate and the workplace becomes ever more litigious, business owners need a way to deal with the onerous burden of Human Resources compliance. That's where ReallyEasyHR comes in. ReallyEasyHR is a web-based service with the following features:

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Instant Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is the centerpiece of an effective HR program. The employee handbook explains your company's policies and procedures and communicates your expectations to employees. A good handbook also helps to protect your company in the event of a dispute. If your company doesn't have a handbook, it would be a good idea to get one. Fast.

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Create Your Own Online Tests

Do your employees know what they're supposed to know? With ReallyEasyHR, it's easy to find out. In just a couple of minutes, you can create an online test on any topic you choose. The test will be automatically graded (with a pass/fail score you establish) and the results will be stored online so you can see them (and run reports) at any time.

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Training Library

When you subscribe to ReallyEasyHR, your staff has access to convenient, online video-based training on essential business topics – topics that can protect your company and increase productivity including Preventing Sexual Harassment, Legal Interviewing: What NOT to Ask, Time Management for Managers, Coaching for Performance and much more.

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Document Creation & Management

Whether it's a company policy or procedure, a comprehensive employee handbook, an important memo you want to make sure that everyone reads, or a mandatory notification – business owners need to create, organize and administer a growing variety of documents. That can be a daunting task, but ReallyEasyHR makes it easy!

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Storage for Files & Forms

Every business has an ever-growing stack of files and forms required to operate the business. Often, just finding the file or form you need takes way more time than it should. ReallyEasyHR provides the tools you need to upload, store, distribute and track all your company files. We've even included a few common forms to get you started.

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