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What's an Affiliate?

An affiliate is an organization that distributes ReallyEasyHR to their network of clients or members. Often, these organizations are:

  • Insurance / Benefits Agents or Brokers
  • Franchise Companies
  • Trade and Professional Associations
  • Chambers of Commerce or Affinity Groups

Why Become an Affiliate?

Two possible reasons. First, when you become an affiliate, you offer added value to your clients or members. And, because you're an affiliate, your clients or members can buy ReallyEasyHR at a discounted price. (There's also an opportunity for you to earn a bit of revenue.)

The second reason: If you have a network of clients or members, chances are you need to provide information and/or training to that network. ReallyEasyHR gives you a simple method to deliver all kinds of online information including:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Text
  • HTML
  • Interactive Tests

It's a lot like having your own, private, branded internet portal.

No Up-Front Costs

There is no cost to be an affiliate. As an affiliate, your customers or members will have access to all of the content and features of ReallyEasyHR. They will also have access to any of your own materials, including:

  • Training Programs
  • Tests and Certifications
  • Product Manuals and Process Instructions
  • Risk Management Information
  • Industry Updates
  • Policies and Procedures

So Who Pays for This?

Good question, and there's a really easy answer. While there is no charge for you to become an affiliate or to provide your materials through ReallyEasyHR, we do charge $399 per year for each of your clients or members who subscribe. That's $399 per company – NOT $399 per person.

Usually, that annual fee is paid by your client or member. But it is possible for you to subsidize the annual fee if that makes sense for your organization.

On the other hand, your organization could use ReallyEasyHR as a revenue generating opportunity. Please call to discuss how your organization can participate in the fees paid by your customers or members.

What's Next?

Probably a conversation. Please contact our sales department for more information on becoming an affiliate.

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